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D. G. Desk

From the Chairman’s Desk


Dear Exporter Friends,


     At the outset I am glad to inform you that the 13th Annual General Meeting of the Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs was held on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at New Delhi. The Annual General Meeting was specifically convened to complete the administrative formalities.

I have pleasure to inform you that at the 41st Meeting of Central Governing Council of EPCES held on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at New Delhi, I have succeeded as Chairman of Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs for the period 2016-18. I wish to thank members of EPCES and Central Governing Council for their whole-hearted support and expressing their confidence in me. I assure you that I shall serve the exporting community in the same spirit and with the same dedication as has been done by my predecessors.

We are thankful to Ministry of Commerce and Industry, all Development Commissioners of Special Economic Zones, and all senior officers of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Ministry of Finance, for their cooperation and assistance in resolving the issues of EOUs and SEZs and for strengthening the Council.

In view of the issuance of a notification dated 5.8.2016 by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the membership of EPCES for SEZ Units, SEZ Developers and Co-Developers has become mandatory. The said notification states that SEZ Units, SEZ Developers or Co-Developers will have to take the membership of EPCES for availing exemptions, drawback and concessions. I am sure that with a strong membership base, EPCES will now be able to provide to Government very useful Feedback on Foreign Trade Policy and Union Budget in an effective manner and will also become an effective conduit between the Government, and Trade and Industry, for resolving the issues of EOUs and SEZs and to promote SEZs and EOUs worldwide. EPCES will also undertake Research/Studies on SEZs/EOUs by experts for the benefits of EOU/SEZ community and export promotion activities in India and abroad.

We are trying to get the Sunset Clause dates further extended as the Union Budget 2016-17 has imposed Sunset Clauses on SEZ Units under Section 10AA and on SEZ Developers under Section 80 1AB. In view of the slow growth of economy and slowdown in SEZ sector in terms of growth in exports, investments and employment generation, I request the Government to extend the benefits of Section 10AA to SEZ units up to 2023 and also extend the Sunset Clause imposed on SEZ Developers up to 31.3.2020.

We have requested the Government from time to time at different fora to take certain steps which would demonstrate its continued support to SEZs. Such steps could include withdrawal or reduction of MAT / DDT rates for SEZs. Alternatively the surplus lying unutilized in MAT account should be refunded, concessional rate of duty equivalent to the lowest rate of FTA on DTA sales by SEZ Units and also allow contract manufacturing in SEZs for DTA market to strengthen the concept of “Make in India”. In order to ensure optimum utilization of installed capacity in SEZs, I further request the Government to allow SEZ units to perform job work for DTA units.

We are also trying to obtain nominations for export awards from the Development Commissioners and arranging dignitaries for presentation of the same.

I request all those SEZ Units, Developers or Co-Developers and EOUs, who are not members of the Council,to enroll themselves with EPCES as its members. I request members to renew their membership with the Council for the year 2016-17 and also participate in the activities of the Council. This will help the Council in takingup the issues of EOUs and SEZs in an effective manner.

Rahul Gupta